The Silent Threat: The Growing Heart Health Crises in India

Source: DNA | Title: The Silent Threat: The Growing Heart Health Crises in India

WARNING…. India has witnessed an increased number of heart related deaths.

There is a sudden increase in heart attacks and other heart-related issues in India which is a worrying trend.

This may be a surprise for many but heart attacks can occur at any age ( younger or older, male or female), even in those who seem fit, on the street, on the dance floor, enjoying garba or at the gym. As the best diagnostic centre we are committed to public well-being, and we aim to shed light on heart disease.

Heart Health Crises

Heart disease, especially heart attack is the most common cause of death worldwide and its prevalence has significantly risen in India in the last 5 years. 

As heart disease affects all ages and socioeconomic strata. Several predisposing factors that escalated the concern of heart disease are- insomnia, unhealthy lifestyle, air pollution, smoking, drinking, obesity and health-related issues like diabetes or hypertension.

Statistics Reflecting the Truth About Heart Disease in India

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),  more than 17.5 million people died because of heart disease i.e. heart attack or heart stroke. Shockingly India contributes one-fifth position among all cardiovascular disease-related deaths worldwide.

As the WHO report suggests India reported 63% of total deaths due to non-communicable diseases and 27% due to CVD. This statistical data is anticipated to rise, so it is necessary to be aware that preventive measures have been taken for a healthy future.

The modern lifestyle and the rapid urbanisation has brought with it a wave of lifestyle changes. The sedentary jobs, unhealthy lifestyle and diet, excessive consumption of alcohol and excess stress have become common features in the lives of urban dwellers.

How to Tackle the Burden of Heart Disease?

While the increase in death rate due to heart related disease is worrisome, the silver lining lies in the prevention and early detection.

To reduce the heart attack and tackle the burden of increased cases it’s important to take step forward actively. The main challenge in addressing heart disease in India is lack of awareness and information about the disease.  This may lead to late diagnosis and treatment. So  lack of attentiveness and busy lifestyle may discourage the individual from seeking timely medical attention. So it’s necessary to understand the importance of regular health check-ups, healthy lifestyle adaptations, and an aware program to empower the individuals to take charge of their healthy heart.

Protect Your Heart Health With Mind

Education about the risk factors that are associated with heart disease are paramount. Mindfulness is associated with less stress, more compassion and a higher level of healthy well-being. Nine out of ten people don’t know that they have any symptoms of heart attack until they put them in the emergency room. To reduce heart disease in India requires a multi directional approach that addresses awareness, healthy lifestyle, healthy diet , risk management and by developing easy healthcare access to all.

There are several preventive measures that can protect your health.

Healthy Lifestyle

Prevention  is the key to keeping your heart healthy.

Be more physically active and exercise daily which helps you to maintain a healthy weight. As obesity is a major risk of heart disease.

Modernization changes our biological clock but our body requires enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep of 7-8 hours daily, it can increase the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes that may lead to heart disease. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Eat Healthy

People with an unhealthy diet like a diet high in saturated or trans fat which is commonly present in red meat, fried foods, fast foods and baked food is directly associated with heart disease. Too much consumption of salt and alcohol can raise your blood pressure which will negatively affect your heart.

To maintain health our body requires a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A health diet should include:-

Eat colourful vegetables and fruits like dark green, red  and orange, peas and lentils

Grains, dairy products and protein rich diets that can help you to maintain healthy body weight.

Follow Your Health with Testing

Regular heart check up and periodically follow up regularly with your doctor helps you keep you healthy and doctors on their treatment plans and medications. Ganesh diagnostic offers the best cardiac package to evaluate your heart condition. Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging offers a wide range of diagnostic tests for health like blood test, ECHO, CT angiography and ECG test in Delhi at affordable price. With this it’s important to quit unhealthy habits.


The surge in heart related disease and death due to death attacks across India demands immediate and collective action. To prevent an individual from suffering it’s important to develop awareness, promoting healthy lifestyles and regular screening.

It’s important to come along and collectively work towards a healthier future. An early diagnosis and early intervention for heart problems can help to prevent the chance of heart attack and sudden cardiac death. If you are feeling unwell then you can schedule an appointment with us for your heart test like ECG, ECHO and many more.

In this endeavour our diagnostic centre stands firm, devoted to safeguarding the heart health of our communities and striving for a healthier heart safe India.

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