Machine Learning top skill-set for data scientist jobs in India: Report


New Delhi, August 9

For 84 per cent professionals in the country, machine learning (ML) followed by statistics are the two most in-demand skills that recruiters are looking for in data science professionals, a report said on Tuesday.

Python remains the most used programming language across all sectors and MS Excel, Tableau and Power BI are the top three visualisation tools used by data science professionals, according to the report by Great Learning, a BYJU’s group company.

“For professionals looking to thrive in a digital-driven future, setting a foundation for the right data science skills needs to start now to weather the changes that are to come,” said Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-founder, Great Learning.

This domain has impacted the way companies and businesses function and professionals who upskill in this field have a chance to become prime candidates in lucrative industries, he added.

Two out of three professionals with zero-three years of experience said recruiters consider data visualisation as a “must-have skill”.

Three in four data science professionals with less than three years of work experience engage in upskilling weekly, while more than 50 per cent professionals in the three-six years bracket upskill weekly.

Professionals with 6-10 years of experience prefer to upgrade their skills quarterly, the report mentioned.

Sector-wise, professionals in retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and e-commerce are more inclined to learn cloud technologies as a new skill.

Of the host of programming languages, 90 per cent data science professionals use Python as their choice for statistical modeling, the report noted.

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