Girl’s Selfless Act Draws Kerala Health Minister’s Praise



Girl's Selfless Act Draws Kerala Health Minister's Praise

The girl received Veena George’s praise after her video went viral (File)


A video of a class 10 student’s selfless and caring act of taking over for a woman street singer so that she can rest has not only gone viral, but also earned the young girl, accolades from everyone who saw it including Kerala Health Minister Veena George.

The student, Athira K Anish, was out with her father last week to buy things for school before the new academic year commenced from June 1 when she saw a woman, along with her blind husband and a baby, singing on the roadside.

“I was out with my father when I saw the woman singing on the roadside. She was singing continuously and could not even take a break to drink the tea kept beside her.

“So I went up to her and said that you have tea and rest for a while and I will sing a couple of songs during that time,” she told a TV channel.

Athira, who is from Nilambur in the northern Kerala district of Malappuram, also said that she had taken singing classes when she was younger, but discontinued it later.

As the video of her selfless act went viral, she received praise over phone and social media.

In the video she can be seen singing ‘La Ilaha Illallahu’ on the side of a busy road in Nilambur town.

State Health Minister Veena George also called up the young girl and praised her displaying Kerala’s face of secularism and humanity, a statement issued by the Minister’s office said.

During the telephonic conversation with the Minister, the young girl expressed her desire to join the Indian Army, the statement said.


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