Caught On Camera: Bengaluru Shopkeepers Beaten Up In Vicious Attack

The attack goes on for over two minutes.


An argument that began over a trivial issue quickly turned into a savage assault on three men inside a shop in Bengaluru on Thursday.

In shocking footage recorded on the shop’s CCTV camera and released by the victims, a group of raucous men start hitting the two shopkeepers in Kundalahalli.

The men can be seen raining blows on them and even a third person who comes to their defence for more than two straight minutes.

They vandalise the tea and bakery shop, and crack a plastic tray and a helmet on their heads in the beastly attack.

At least five attackers can be seen on the video.

The police said they have filed a First Information Report (FIR) and have arrested three of the assailants so far.

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