How students and teachers can stay safe amid schools reopening ?

New Delhi, February 23

With the commencement of nationwide vaccination drive and the falling numbers of active Covid-19 cases, the government has decided to slowly allow schools to reopen. Starting in phases, the schools are first reopening for the students of the classes X and XII and later for the junior classes. Subsequently, it is essential that precautions for prevention of further spread are taken as seriously as before.

The numbers might be dipping but the virus is still lingering and we have to take all possible measures to curb its spread. With children being one of the most vulnerable category, extra precautions need to be taken by the school authorities, teachers, parents of the students and the students themselves. Basic facts like social distancing, wearing masks, practicing hand hygiene need to be taught and demonstrated to them as the new norms of living.

While calling students back to schools has been allowed by the government, in interest of the safety and health of children the schools must practise — Hybrid school model — this is a combination of distance/virtual learning and in-person/traditional form of schooling. This involves limiting the number of students that will come to school in one go so that social distancing can be practiced effectively.

Hybrid school model

  • A combination of distance/virtual learning and in-person/traditional form of schooling
  • Involves limiting the number of students that will come to school in one go 

(Inputs from MS Kanwar, Senior Consultant, Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi)

School authorities should make sure that the building is clean and hygienic. Surfaces and objects (desks and tables) need to be wiped with disinfectant regularly. Promote regular and thorough handwashing and put sanitising hand-rub dispensers at prominent places around the workplace. Teach children the essence of practising respiratory hygiene and using a mask to cover the face and the nose. Restrict social events, assemblies and gathering at student canteens as well as practice of sharing food. Mandatory thermal screening, no person with slightest of symptoms of fever and cough should be allowed on the premises and recommended immediate self-isolation. IANS

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