Timing more significant than the resignations of the MLAs themselves

While disenchantment with the erstwhile Narayanasamy-led government is the stated reason for legislators in the Congress-DMK alliance resigning from their posts, the timing of their decisions fits more with moves in the political game that eventually culminated in the fall of the Ministry on Monday.

A. John Kumar, while putting in his papers last week, said, “I had sacrificed Nellithope constituency for the Chief Minister. I was offered a Ministerial post but was not given. I also asked for a seat in the coming Assembly elections for my son but the Congress has denied it. I was planning to quit along with Mr. Namassivayam also.”

K. Lakshminarayanan, who put in papers on Sunday barely hours before the trust vote, said “I thought it was the right opportunity to express my anguish and pain for being sidelined so hence resigned the MLA post before the elections.” He had said his vote made no difference in a hopeless situation for the government.

K. Venkatesan, who has since been suspended by the DMK, had also submitted his resignation on Sunday. The reason he was that as a legislator representing Thattanchavady, he was not able to meet the needs of the people in his constituency since there was no allocation of funds under the MLA Local Area Development fund.

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