Lab technicians demand regularisation

Lab technicians who were engaged on contract during the COVID-19 pandemic period submitted a petition to the district administration on Monday seeking regularisation of service.

The petitioners said they worked at the Government Medical College and ESI Hospital for eight months. When the infection spread was at its peak, the technicians came forward to support the governments’ efforts to contain the spread. Though a few among them had contracted the Coronavirus, they did not back out and risked their lives to continue working.

Now, with the infection spread on the decline, the technicians said they were given to understand that their service was about to end.

They, therefore, wanted the State Government to regularise their service on compassionate ground.

Tangedco contract workers protest

Tamil Nadu Min Vaariya Oppanda Thozhilalar Sangam on Monday submitted a petition to the district administration seeking regularisation of service. A few workers who were at the Collectorate attempted to return their Aadhaar card and EPIC as a sign of protest. In their petition, the workers said more than 500 persons were engaged in installation and maintenance work in the distribution circles in the district for a wage worked out three years ago. At a meeting held in February 2018, the State Government, Tangedco and workers’ unions, the Tangedco agreed to pay ₹ 380 a day as wage and the Power Minister assured workers that it would be paid. In the last three years, the Tangedco had not paid the assured wage, the workers said.

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