Numerology 11 June 2021: Read predictions here

Number 1
Ganesha says, Today you will be able to set some approachable goals today. You will also be able to settle down yourself after going through a high tide recently. Your positive aura will attract only good people today. You are going to earn nice money on professional fronts. You will also create a very good impact on investors today. You will also make some haphazard decisions which will not work in your favour. About your romantic fronts, you will have to make an approach towards the person you adore so much and today is the right time to do so. If you are married, avoid gatherings and functions today. About your health fronts, you will have to be more careful with your back pain issues today.
Lucky Colour- Red
Lucky Number- 17
Remedy: Chant Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah to seek blessing from God of wealth.
Number 2
Ganesha says, Today you will welcome everything good and bad both with open arms. You will show great strength even in weak moments today. your professional fonts will not give you a hard time today but it will not be as you expected. Regardless of your lack of time, you will be able to nail your responsibilities. You will also generate income from external sources. In case you are looking forward to changing jobs, avoid talking about it today. Your love life will get tragic today as your parents will know about it and they will not respond so well. If you are married, you must take some time for your spouse to maintain the goodness of your relationship. You will have to be more careful with your health today as you might not feel better regarding your health today.
Lucky Colour- Yellow
Lucky Number- 12
Remedy: Pray Lord Hanuman today by offering him til and Sindoor.
Number 3
Ganesha says, For you, today is a day of obstacles. You will have to make these decisions that will determine your destiny. Your judgement call abilities have never ever been questioned, and you’ll put them to wonderful use today. You will be exhausted at the end of the day after a hard day at work. It’s a nice day for you to travel back to your homeland and ask the elders for blessings. You’re so preoccupied with becoming situated that you don’t have time to think about your current relationship. Take care of the wellbeing of the women in the house. At the end of the day, pay a visit to a temple to feel peaceful.
Lucky Colour- Green
Lucky Number- 08
Remedy: Doing Bajrang Baan Paath will help you fight anxiety today.
Number 4
Ganesha says, Today you will look for the wrong things in the right places! Someone will try to change your notions. You will have to create your own deadlines and work for things because the only person that can push you is yourself. Your romantic fronts will not get any easier today but your partner will stand tall by your side in your tough times today. You will be a right companion for life today in a meeting arranged by your parents for marriage. Your professional life will be a little upside down today. Make it your goal to turn things around. Invest in the share market but avoid the banking industry at all. Your health will not be a matter of concern but you still need to look after your wellbeing and have enough sleep today.
Lucky Colour- Maroon
Lucky Number-05
Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha today.
Number 5
Ganesha says, Today is a day of tension. Your concerns don’t allow you to think clearly, and it will also make you decide wrongly. You can lose money today as a result of your choices. You will get wonderful news from the office at the end of the day. You are likely to get advanced. Somebody will assist you develop your bond with your lover on emotional fronts. As far as health is concerned, avoid running quickly and relax. It is likely that your husband or partner will have an altercation.
Lucky Colour- Cream
Lucky Number- 13
Remedy: Offer garland of cloves and oil to Lord Hanuman today.
Number 6
Ganesha says, Today is going to be a tremendous day for you. Your desires and wishes will be granted. Nothing will hold you back today and you will get assured results for everything. Your stars appear to be in perfect alignment, and all of your honest expectations will be fulfilled. You are prone to be affected financially due to high spending. In life, love will stay exquisite. Your thoughts will be content. The substantial revenue will be used to grow the resources. New tactics for the long term will be considered by the youngsters.
Lucky Colour- Yellow
Lucky Number- 23
Remedy: Chant Navagraha Mantra today to reap benefits from all fronts.
Number 7
Ganesha says, Today you will have a day of your expectations. You will be glad to make new pronouncements. You will also make advancement on your career fronts. Your expectations from your workplace will be heard today. If you are looking for steady income, it’s a good day to invest in the share market today. You will have to be ready for the hurdles your rivals will throw at you. You will also have a good time with your romantic partner today. Although it’s not the right time to talk about the marital future today, it is a good day to bond well. About your health, you will be also asserting new health goals today.
Lucky Colour- Green
Lucky Number- 18
Remedy: Offer Mustard Oil to Lord Sun today.
Number 8
Ganesha says, You have a busy day ahead of you, and you will most likely spend it with your dear ones. You are already behind schedule and will not be able to finish all of the tasks on your to-do agenda. You’ve been fighting hard to make it happen and will be richly rewarded today. It’s a great time to buy a home. Portfolio diversification might also help you earn consistent returns. In your life, love is budding. Spend more time with your lover in a more intimate setting. Gym used to be a cornerstone in your life, but now you don’t bother looking for yourself. You must stick to your programme in order to regain your health.
Lucky Colour- Sky Blue
Lucky Number- 12
Remedy: Do ratri Sukht paath today.
Number 9
Ganesha says, Today is a day filled with keenness. It implies you exude a sense of enthusiasm and gusto that energises you. You will not find yourself staring at the time, awaiting the end of the day. Focus on what motivates you or the positive aspects of what you are doing; there’s always something positive in almost everything if we just hunt for it. Those that demonstrate excitement today will be enjoyable to work with, and tasks are completed more quickly and with greater enjoyment. Happiness produces pleasant emotions, which breed optimism, which breeds achievement. Nothing would pull your spirits down today since you are on a whole new degree of perceived energy today and same goes with your romantic life and health today.
Lucky Colour- Blue
Lucky Number- 18
Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva today.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
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